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Monday, May 23, 2005

My Mac Post

I had my first Mac experience in 1998 whilst working for a BT Shop in London. I'd just completed the first (and last) year of my Chemistry and Molecular Physics Degree and was trying working and Living in London. As the new geek, and a fair sales pedigree behind me it was my job to sell Apple... I failed miserably. It wasn't just my fault, nobody in the store knew anything about Macs and I only really had PC experience. All I could see was a pretty box that didn't run any of the programs that I owned and had a user interface that I couldn't see any advantage of. This combined with a difficult finance package made selling Macs twice as hard as a PC.

About a year later (after changing my major, to Computer Science) I was reintroduced to the Mac platform when I sat a class that included watching a keynote by Steve Jobs. I was awestruck. I had no idea how much extra functionality a Mac provided then I looked at the price tag and was immediately put off it again. But that was enough to get me interested enough to continue following the Macs development.

I bought my first Mac, a 12", 1Ghz, PowerBook in October 2003. I was in the market for a laptop and although it wasn't the cheapest, or the most powerful laptop on the market it was one of the smallest - a big factor. I'm not going to say that separating myself from the £2000 (as I had to buy all the software again) was an easy step. In fact is was down right irresponsible, but I'd become increasingly aware that I was spending more
time working on my x86 hardware than on the work I actually got paid for - it was time to find out if the 'it just works' marketing line was true. It was, and 2 years down the line the only way you'd get me to leave the platform is by prying my PowerBook from my cold, dead hands.

This blog will focus on all my adventures as a Mac owner, from getting my iPod to work with two Macs, coding in Core Data, to musings on whether Apple should release a new video iPod... to name but a few things that are already on my mind.

Hope you enjoy


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