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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Maybe I've over-reacted

I think I get it. I think I know why they're making the move and I think I can get my head around it.

I'm an ex-PC user and full time geek. Things like processor architecture, harddrive protocols and system design are my bread and butter. I read technical manuals for fun... no really, ask my girlfriend. The ideological change between RISC and CISC, big-endian and little-endian are almost a religious subject to me. Then I remembered that I use Macs now. Part of the Mac platform is that you give up your hold on the hardware. Sure you can swap in the odd bit of memory or a new harddisk, but motherboards, processors and video cards are decided for you and your pretty much stuck with them. You have to buy into the 'it just works' mentality and get on with the job in hand, using your computer, not fixing your computer.
The ONLY thing I should be worrying about when I make my next Mac purchase is does my new Mac work better than my old Mac. With the quad core Pentiums that Intel have in the pipeline and the already higher clock speeds then they probably will. I don't want to even think about having to worry about software working - I've bought into the 'it just works' - so it should just work - and if the key note presentation is anything to go buy, it should.
This opens up a really interesting future for Apple. Not being tied into a hardware platform is a new sort of freedom. The message I'm getting is that Apple have designed OS X to be the best. If to be the best it needs to run on Intel x86 processors then that is what it will do. So I guess that if in 2008, they decided that the Cell is going to be the next big thing they'll start making Macs that run on those too, and if this new Rosetta technology is any good as they say, we won't even notice.


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