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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Beany gets a new iBook

I've been to the Apple Store in the Bullring a couple of times before, but yesterday was the first time I'd actually used any of the facilities (except goggling at the dual 42" displays - I have absolutely no need for so much desk space, but boy do I want one!). First I used the Genius bar. It grieves me to admit that I need help with anything computer related, but I really feared the worst with my Airport.
A couple of months ago we had a really bad thunderstorm that hit the house we were in at the time. Once the power came back everything worked fine, except the Airport. A change of fuse refused to fix the problem, and as the airport takes an unusual 5V and 2.5A of DC to power it I was out of options. The guy behind the genius bar was a polite as he was quick. Within 5 minutes he had salvaged a spare power supply, and too my relief the 3 white LEDs on Airport sprung into life. He didn't charge for his time. He didn't force me to buy anything, and actually recommend Maplin for an alternative PSU. I couldn't have been happier (except if he'd given me the part for free ;) ).
For anyone that is interested, Maplin do stock a 5V, 2.A DC supply for £20, but it doesn't fit the Airport. I fixed this by splicing the old PSUs plug to the new ones. It took all of 5 minutes and works like a charm (and was significantly cheaper than a new Airport).
The other thing we did was buy a new iBook 12". The whole process took 5 minutes. I guess it helped that we knew what we wanted, but I have never had such a pleasant purchasing experience for a computer. Why other stores think its necessary to turn the whole process into something more complicated that buy a (very expensive) loaf of bread is beyond me.

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