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Thursday, November 03, 2005

1 Week With 3G

Wow! This is a good technology. It's not the fastest connection in the world, there is a certain amount of lag, especially when you've left the connection alone for a bit, but unlike GPRS it's actually usable. Web pages and email both work amazingly well. The handshaking is bearable (much, much faster than GPRS) the battery drain is tolerable, but what makes it really useful for me is SSH and being able to connect to the G5 and The Beast from anywhere in the country (well Telford Town Centre).

The last few entries where I've been talking about installing and configuring my OS, 70% of that has been done over SSH with 3G and my PowerBook. It's like the Holy Trinity of mobile computing. The one problem is price. At the moment I'm getting 1GB of data free a month. In three months time that gets reduced to 4MB. Seriously WTF are you supposed to do with 4MB?

I can understand why it so expensive. Checking you mail on the move is a luxury that many can do without, and early adopters always get screwed. What I don't understand is why they price it the way they do. 4MB is nothing. Seriously, I've downloaded 700k in the last 30 minutes, over a compressed ssh connection. Why not band it 10MB, 100MB, 200MB, 500MB, 1000MB? £10 pcm for 100MB is a fair price. £5 for 10MB is a fair price. £15 for 4MB is a rip-off. 4MB might have meant something back in the old days of GPRS, but at 3G speeds and with all the graphics and crud that comes with web sites these days its an insult.

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