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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I've got mail!

This blog is becoming more about Linux than Macs, I assure you its
just new toy syndrome. I'm pretty enraptured with Debian. What I like
about it more than anything is that I have as much power over The
Beast from the middle of a park with my mobile phone as I do from the
office with a keyboard and mouse. In fact, I'm getting so confident
with it that I'm seriously considering taking the keyboard and mouse
back to Kay's.

Only this afternoon, I managed to install and configure a mail server
from work, where the only internet access I've got is my mobile. A
mail server! I can now send and receive mail for free via The Beast
from anywhere in the world. Now this isn't unique to Debian, or
Linux. I could probably have done the same thing using terminal
services and a windows box, but there was an art to the ease of doing
it with apt-get over a ssh connection and on such meagre hardware.


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